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Thanks for dropping by and showing interest in my work. Capturing moments through the lens is what I love whether you’re a young engaged couple embarking on a new adventure or just looking for someone who can capture you in a way that shows you as your true self, I feel I can help.

I’ve being practising photography for over ten years, I’m mainly self thought and l love all things photo related.

It was just a year or so before the covid 19 pandemic hit I took the plunge into wedding photography specifically.

The pandemic was a combination of horror and hope. More time to experiment with the business side of things, website design, having a more streamlined and efficient workflow for editing, backing up, and mastering software like Adobe Photoshop. Now luckily all this stuff has become second nature to me and I’m able to focus on the creative and photographic side of things knowing I’ve a reliable, and stable system in place.

Capturing love, emotion and memories is something I really enjoy. Doing this in a friendly, fun and unobtrusive style lets you get on with enjoying this special day. Of course I still do the family formals, this isn’t as scary as a lot of people think, I tend to enjoy this part of the day, with the right planning beforehand this can be fun for everyone.

Feel free to ask me any other questions through the contact form on this website, by phone on 089 260 1001 or just tap the WhatsApp icon to get in touch, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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