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Thanks for dropping by and showing interest in my work. Capturing moments through the lens is what I love whether your a young engaged couple embarking on a new adventure or just looking for someone who can capture you in a way that shows you as your true self, I feel I can help.

What do I like to do besides photography?

I need to get some new hobbies not sure I do anything else.

When not obsessing over cameras and photography..

-I love to play tennis to unwind.

-Binge watch a good tv show or watch a movie that I’ve no idea how it will end

-Discover new places, even on this island so much unearthed gems to be found

-Eating good food, drinking unhealthy amounts of caffeine

-Music that I love would have to be Pearl Jam, and Nirvana from the 90s. I’ve recently developed a liking for more modern dance music and of course I love Irish folk music in the right setting.

-I love meeting people even though I spend vast amounts of time alone due to the nature of what I love doing

-Places I want to see before its too late

1. Most of America

2. Scandinavia

3. And in Ireland, its quite tricky getting there though, the Skellig Islands

4. Earth from space if it becomes more accessible for regular people